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February 4, 2018

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Mishaps Series Preview

January 14, 2018

Hi I'm Misha Chakrabarti and welcome to Mishaps, spelled with a Misha. That's right I'm always a "P" away from some kind of misadventure and you know what? That's okay.And that’s pretty much what this podcast is about.


After spending way too many hours as a teenager wondering about the repercussions of messing up, I’m now in my mid-to-late twenties and know that #buffooneryIsInevitable.


As a foreigner mispronouncing literally everything in Buenos Aires now, a SUPER gay short and bronzed man growing up in the US, and an awkward and extroverted human on the loose in the wide world I’ve DEFINITELY learned more from falling flat on my face, laughing, and getting up again than I did from any textbook. And I spent 13 years as a gymnast so that happened a lot. I also eat a lot of bananas.


I ultimately decided to share my stories because one day I left a 16-minute long whatsapp message for a friend and was like “Sayyyyyy whaaaattttt!! Boy’s got verbiage!! That’s pretty much an episode of a podcast”


Soooo because I’m Super Gay I love themes and GUESS WHAT this season of Mishaps has one. GET EXCITED! It’s embracing what God, The Universe, Your Mama, the barista at that hipster cafe you frequent - whoever gave you. Basically about coming to a greater understanding and maybe even to peace with what you’re living with on a day to day basis.


Let's make some #mishapportunities!


#Mishapportunities aka Clumsy Wisdom:


On baggage

A wise person once told me some people have paper baggage, some people have designer baggage, some people have tote baggage, but everyone has BAGGAGE. This season, I’ll be telling stories about my #mishaps with my god or credit-card given baggage (and trust me - there’s a lot of that) and thinking about what I can learn from, laugh at, and live with because it clearly isn’t going to make itself disappear.




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