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Why: Searching for something more

I am a hard-working professional.

I have a comfortable salary and good benefits. 

I have family and friends nearby.

We do a lot of activities together that most people are excited about.


Everything is fine. 

I am doing everything I “should” be doing.

My life is “on track."

When the activity and noise fade away I'm always met with an uncomfortable, lurking feeling. A feeling I usually try to pretend is not there.

I am deeply unhappy. 

I am unfulfilled.

I feel like I’m running through the motions without knowing why. 

I feel burdened by expectations from my family, friends, and social media.

My life is missing a certain vitality — a sense of adventure — a lightness and playfulness…


... But I don’t know what exactly is missing.

I don’t have a dream.

I don't have a sense of purpose.

I feel lost.

I am desperately searching for something, but I don't know what or how.

I can no longer fit my life into a perfect little package wrapped for my friends, family, and Facebook. 

I want a big, bold, beautiful life that bursts out of the box.
I don’t know what, who, or where I want to be, but I know this isn't it.

What: Finding your abundance.

Was that a little too close to home? That's okay. Let's get comfortable being uncomfortable and build a home somewhere else!

Perhaps the thought of discovering your passion and living fearlessly fills you with a deep yet ironic dread. It might seem out-of-reach, like something you "don't do," or just plain tiring. Maybe the very notion of dreaming at all seems impractical, indulgent, or even selfish. 

If none of these things come naturally but you can no longer ignore the gnawing feeling that something is missing or simply not right, it can be helpful to seek out someone who beams positivity and possibility and can guide you in discovering your dream and cultivating your confidence. You may even come to find a poetic humor and new awareness in adversity and a sense of adventure and fun along the way! 

How: Awakening your dreams.


I offer Skype and Zoom sessions at the following times in English and Spanish:

  • Monday - Friday: 5am-8am, 4pm-7pm US EST

  • Saturday & Sunday: 10am-8pm US EST

In person (eventually)

If you are located in Buenos Aires or Boston, I will be available for in-person sessions in English or Spanish when the quarantine lifts.


Professional Readiness Expert & Career Coach

"Misha has an electric and infectious personality."


"Misha does what he does because he is unafraid of diving head-first into what he cares about."

Analyst at Fortune 500 Company

"Misha is an encouraging and  insightful force who will inspire, refocus, and launch any team or individual to success."


Misha has an electric and infectious personality. I had the pleasure of working with him during The Partnership’s year-long professional development program. From the very start of the program I was impressed with Misha’s level of self-awareness and his ability to implement feedback. He became a trusted mentor and sounding board for his colleagues and was able to position himself as an inspiring leader among his peers. I am not only proud of Misha, but inspired by his life coaching work and I would highly recommend him and his services.

Professional Readiness Expert & Career Coach

Misha is the type of person who constantly asks himself, “What can I do better?” and immediately acts on that answer. He has the excellent ability to maintain clear, but firm, communication because he decided that was a skill that would come in handy. He has a love for languages that makes him naturally curious and able to learn through experience and practice, not your traditional classroom! Finally, his passion for the safety of our environment has led him to work with GIS software and use those communication skills to provide training to others. Misha does what he does because he is unafraid of diving head first into what he cares about. That combination makes him extremely successful and a pleasure to work with!


Misha’s tremendous energy and presence have the power to electrify audiences and spark explosive growth. For four years I worked with him in the Energy Talks chapter of Toastmasters International where I witnessed his affinity for connecting with individuals of various backgrounds, inclination to understand their unique journey, and determination to help them reach their goals. This intuition and empathy combined with his charisma and curiosity have given him a knack for reframing ideas and situations in a way that is both meaningful and actionable for his audience. Misha exercised these qualities as a leader and mentor during his time as Vice President of Education for the group, his rapid ascension through both the speaking and leadership tracks, and his active and regular contribution to group meetings. Misha is an encouraging and insightful force who will inspire, refocus, and launch any team or individual to success.

Analyst at Fortune 500 Company


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