Hi, I'm Misha.

I want to help you find and follow your passion.

I want to help you connect with yourself, find your passion, and cultivate your confidence so you can live genuinely and fearlessly.


My Services.

I want to help you in the following three ways

Finding your passion.

Get in touch with self

Explore! Iterate! Experiment!

Is your life missing a sense of vibrancy? Do you feel adrift and _____? _____ feeling inspired? _____ sense of purpose?

Preparing your body physically for the challenging mountain environment. Training specifically, efficiently and with purpose.

Building your confidence.

Following your heart.

Develop your confidence

Find abundance lurking in plain sight...

Do you doubt yourself or your abilities to ___?

Are you overly concerned with what others __?

Live fearlessly!

MOVE TO LAST because may not be related to following passion sometimes.

Eliminate inertia and take the plunge...

Do you know what you want but are scared to pursue it?


"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison

Let's Talk.

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