Mishaps Podcast

My adventures as an awkward, yet extroverted human on the loose in the wide world, constantly making #mishapportunities.

Traducción... mi voz es muy "distinto" así que aproveche y hice un podcast.

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Mishaps Season 1: Embracing My Baggage

Mishaps with My Voice

February 03, 2018

Fun fact - 50% of the time I’m mistaken for a woman on the phone. 96.7% if I’m speaking with someone from below the Mason-Dixon line. I'll be sharing my encounters with surprised and unintentionally aggressive pharmacy employees and elementary school children who were astounded that my voice was attached to my particular persona, as well as my overall journey to embrace my meditation tape- ready voice to eventually make this podcast.

Mishaps with Muscles

January 28, 2018

Exercising for world peace, escaping my spandex prison, getting the (vitamin) D, farting freely, and living life to the fullest!

Mishaps with Misha...Literally

January 21, 2018

All of the mishaps that originated from my name, starting with Spell Check correcting my name to #mishap in the 90s, to Buenos Aires baristas confusing me with Mila Kunis, to my diminutive life from having a nickname for a name. 

Mishaps Preview

January 14, 2018

Welcome to Mishaps, spelled with a Misha. That's right I'm always a "P" away from some kind of misadventure and you know what? That's okay. For this inaugural season of Mishaps, I'm talking about embracing what God, the universe, your mama, the barista at that hispster cafe you frequent - whoever - gave you. Basically it's about coming to a greater understanding, and maybe even peace, with what you've been living with on a day-to-day basis. Let's make some #mishapportunities!

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