You would be surprised that somebody so accident prone could be so graceful when they set their mind to it. But really, it's actually more impressive that I manage to be so clumsy after 13 years as a competitive gymnast and 4 years as a dancer. Then again, I am full of impressive surprises like that. Ultimately, after falling face first into foam pits and banging my butt on bouncy floors I learned to savor the taste and touch of synthetic fabric and to jump back up again. Thus my motto faceplant, laugh, learn, repeat was born along with my physical #mishapportunities.

Traducción... soy muy torpe a pesar de ser gimnasta y bailarin... y todavia no se como traducir nada...

In college I danced and choreographed for PennHype, a multicultural fusion dance group at the University of Pennsylvania

En la universidad bailaba y hice coreografia Penn Hype, un groupo de baile multicultural en la University of Pennsylvania

My love of dance and movement began with gymnastics, which was the greatest constant in my life from ages 6 through 18. In high school, I was a three-time, nationally-ranked Academic All-American gymnast.

Mi amor por la danza y el movimiento comenzó con la gimnasia, que fue la mayor constante en mi vida desde los 6 hasta los 18 años. En la escuela secundaria, fui tres veces gimnasta académica estadounidense, clasificada a nivel nacional.

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