about me.

Hi I’m Misha!


I’d love to help you get in touch with yourself / your intuition / your _____ and understand what makes your heart sing. I want to help you find the abundance that's already all over in your life hidden in plain sight. And I would be delighted to help you rediscover the courage to follow your heart and live freely, fully, and fearlessly. Doesn't that sound wonderful? I think so too!


Here’s a bit more about me. It’s the long version. For the short version take a look at my Instagram, Podcast, and YouTube channel. Here we go!

Some number of years ago, I graduated from an Ivy League university and moved back to my hometown of Boston to work a well-paying job for a multinational company. My life was comfortable. I was surrounded by my family and childhood friends. Yet, I was deeply unhappy. At the same time, I wasn't sure exactly what was missing. I knew my life lacked a certain vitality - a sense of adventure - a lightness and playfulness. I knew I did not want to live in Boston and I suspected I wanted to live outside the U.S. But I didn't know how to make any of these things happen or where to begin.


A couple years later, I started to seriously look for a way out, but in a way that might be expected for someone of my background. I considered business school abroad, transferring to another city through my company, or looking for a job at another multinational organization. But ultimately none of these efforts led anywhere. At the time I didn't realize that this was ultimately because my search was driven by a sense of desperation and fear and not coming from a place of organic manifestation. In that moment, I was extremely risk averse and didn't trust in things that weren't concrete, defined, or well-trodden.


Eventually, though, I realized something was not working and decided I had had enough, and in 2016 I took a premature yet long-overdue sabbatical. I embarked on a four-month backpacking trip across Latin America with the intention to disconnect from the grating mundaneness and over-seriousness of corporate adult life, reconnect with myself, and to rekindle my sense of wonder. I began to trust my intuition, wander off the beaten path, realize the world doesn't and should conform to my expectations, and generally become less of an insufferable _____. As I began to get more deeply in touch with myself and the world around me, I realized that the true purpose of my trip was to figure out where I wanted to live that would inspire me and support me in my journey to be my truest self. This might not be coming across but I am a a very warm, theatrical, __________ person and my _____ could not ______ Boston. Along the way, I visited Buenos Aires and immediately fell in love with the dramatic, romantic, chaotic metropolis, and that was that.


After my sabbatical, I returned to Boston, saved up for a few months, and in 2017 I moved to Buenos Aires. Since coming to this new city and culture, my life has begun to flourish in a way it never could have before when I was weighed-down by the pressures of living up to expectations back in the U.S. But this blossoming didn’t happen immediately or in the way I initially might have thought. My first year was filled with many obstacles as a foreigner unfamiliar with the culture and not completely assured in his ability to communicate in a foreign language. 


At the same time I began to feel a greater internal shift. I started to feel more connected with the world around me even if the specific culture I found myself in was still foreign. I began to believe in my ability to manifest ___________ and feel them as if I already ______. I began to make decisions from a place of love instead of a place of fear, and in doing so abundance began to creep into my life. Or perhaps I merely became aware of the abundance that was already there. I discovered my love for standup comedy, youtube, podcasting, storytelling, and _______. I allowed myself to be the loud, emotional, dramatic, theatrical, and _______ person I always was and realized that people love me more for it. I stopped hiding myself __________ and my life became a series of coming out of the non-gay but also gay closet. Today I truly feel free to ________. I have a _____

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